Mini Mosaic Tiles 1cm x 1cm (25 colours)

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These are sold per 100g.

Assorted coloured glass tiles

Each piece is approx 1cm x 1cm, handcut so shape may vary

Thickness approx 3mm, weight approx >1g per piece

Customer Reviews

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Gail Hays

All tiles arrived promptly and were the exact colours I was trying to match! Have just resumed mosaics after many years and I had given away just about all my tiles etc. I have started to really enjoy myself again and even though I haven't the same amount of room, I have converted a small section of my computor room to play in.Thank you so much! Gail

Adrian Roger Clifford
Mosaic Tiles made of glass

All the tiles I ordered were shipped quickly. Unfortunately, they did not look like their picture, which showed regular 1 cm. cut tiles. Only 1 in 10 tiles was square and as I use these to decorate wooden box tops the vast majority were not suitable for purpose. Indeed if you were making a mosaic picture then they would be perfectly suitable as they don't require close approximation to each other. Other beads I purchased were somewhat more expensive, but were cut regularly and served my purpose admirably. It should be noted for future buyers that the shape is not consistent and many have sharp edges and different thicknesses.

Mary Richardson
Quick delivery

Quick delivery and just what I needed.